Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bike Jumble Sale....

....Ed, Lorenzo and I got up at 6.30am to drive to Ripley
in Woking, in search of a bargain at a bike jumble sale.
Having just completed the build on my bike, I kept hands
firmly in pockets. So did Ed more or less, but Lorenzo came
away with enough parts to build a new bike from scratch.

Ripley Village Hall

Lorenzo gets in the bacon sarnies

Vintage wheels

Lorenzo stocks up

TBC boys

AMV Cup....

....At work, (AMV), we have a bi-annual football match
where the 'Suits' play the 'Creatives'. I am part of the Suits
team and for the last 2 games we have been victorious.
Unfortunately, yesterday, we lost 2-1 in a close fought
game. I managed to score our only goal, but it didn't
help the team's mood, as the Creatives rubbed it in for
the rest of the evening. Still, we managed a small drink
from the AMV Cup!

The Suits

The Cup, (that's no longer ours).

2nd Class....

....Alicia's class, (the 2nd class), to graduate from 3D Design,
held a Private View on Thursday at the Maverick Showrooms
on Redchurch Street.

Window display by Knock Knock Design


'Lic on board Max Knight's 'Can Crushing Bike'

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Happy Birthday Harrie....

....A small celebratory dinner for Harrie's birthday
was had last night. Highlights included a bottle of
'Louis Vuitton' wine, (in light of Harrie's imminent
move to Paris) and a card received featuring a pop-up
of the Parisian skyline to which she said, "Ah, wow. India!"
She will be missed.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Radiohead.... at Victoria Park, 24.6.08.

A fantastic two hour set that got better and better
as the evening wore on. The sound system held after
Bat For Lashes'support slot was cut short due to power
failure and Thom Yorke's voice was incredible. The band
were surrounded by brilliant live visuals and performed
amongst stalgmite-like lighting from the stage ceiling.
It was a true spectacle that I won't forget in a hurry.




Visual splitscreen


Monday, 23 June 2008

Dead Good....

....Viva Calaca by Ritxi Ostariz.

Ed's new set up....

....His standard Bianchi pista '08 has become a sky blue,
metallic lacquered wonderment!

Filthy Goth....

....My good friend Joss is not a flithy goth, but a very good photographer.(The link to his website has been there on the right of this page all along, see?!) Anyway, one of his photos has been selected by the author of 'Filth', Irvine Welsh, to appear on the front cover. It is a limited re-release of this fantastic book, so go and buy it now, adding a Mckinley work of art to the shelf at the same time.

And because he has his finger in all the pies, Joss is also in a new book of artists who are influenced by the Gothic in their art.'Hell Bound' is out at the end of the summer,with Joss commanding six pages and 5000 words,amongst artists as celebrated as Damien Hirst and the Chapman Brothers to name but two.
You can pre-order the book here.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Shoe Tree....

....found just off Brick Lane

New bike set up....

....The Carlton track frame that I bought off eBay
about a month ago is finally built up and ready to

Friday, 20 June 2008


....Day 7 - END: Chaumont, Orleans & Fulvy Burgundy

The holiday draws to a close as the sun finally decides to
appear more than at just 'intervals'! Yesterday all five
of us packed in to dad's car and travelled the three hours
to Chaumont sur Tharonne in Orleans. We were visiting friends
Guy & Anna - a couple dad had first met and stayed with as an
architecture student, writing his dissertation, back in 1972.
Mum and dad have been back nearly every year since and as a
family we visited every year until 1995. So my beard and Ruth's
husband, Andy, were finally there to be seen in the flesh!
A day of eating and drinking ensued, with a little local culture
in between, before mum drew the short straw to drive us home,
(including one hare homicide), returning at nearly 2am.
Today, Friday is our last real day at the Gite in Fulvy as we
leave very early tomorrow morning. We have no plans - Ruth
and Mum have taken to sunbathing, Dad and I are going to visit
other local villages to take yet more photos and Andy is doing a
little bit of everything - including work!
For the full photos of the holiday, click here, otherwise some tempters are below:

Guy & Anna's, Chaumont

Guy, Roy, Neil, Catherine

Andy, Ruth, Margaret, Anna

Bon Sante

Lavoirs De Burgundy

Franch toast

Last Supper

Wednesday, 18 June 2008



Alicia found out today that she has been awarded a
1st Class Honours degree from Camberwell College of Art.
It's a much deserved result after three hard years work
on the 3D Design course. Some examples are below.
And look out for KnockKnock Design, a company
Alicia and her friend Louise are creating....

Spy watch with internal periscope.

'Peas' - Hand cut, folded and bound, from the 'P' book.

'Pebbles' - Hand cut, folded and bound, from the 'P' book.

'Postcards' - Hand cut, folded and bound, from the 'P' book.


....Day 5-6: Fulvy & Auxerre, Burgundy

British, us? Wine tasting, (again), a barbeque and a Skype chat
with Nana rounds off Tuesday. Whilst a trip to Auxerre on Wednesday
allows us to bask in the sun with a picnic and a river boat cruise,
(entirely unclassy, believe me!).
Tomorrow we head off to Orleans to visit close friends Guy & Anna,
who are likely to feed us beyond comprehension. I can't wait.

Remember, a full selection of photos are here:

Un cave en Chablis

Wine 'tasters'(!)

BBQ underway

Nana - champion Skype user in the over 80s category!


Centre Ville avec un cafe

River boat cruise, British style!

Monday, 16 June 2008


....Day 3-4: Fulvy, Burgundy

The rain has been and hopefully gone. We've managed to get
to the local market, (more Spitalfields than Brick Lane),
and wine tasting. We visited the local Chateau in Ancy le Franc
and returned to an open fire. Today I persuaded Andy to hire
a bike with me, which we rode along the canal, dodging puddles
and yapping dogs.

Market Sunday

Le Chateau

Un lavoir, (communal (clothes) washing pool).

Nearby industrial town

Hand painted, weather faded Dubonnet advert

Dad, donning a Panama, aboard the hired bike

Mum & Ruth at lunch alongside the Canal

Dad, Andy and I

Remember, the full selection of all Burgundy photos are here.

Saturday, 14 June 2008


....Day 2: Fulvy, Burgundy:

We arrived mid-afternoon, Saturday, at our Gite for the next week.
'The Coach House' is in the beautiful secluded village of Fulvy
and spoils us with facilities including a swimming pool and table
tennis. We have no plans for the coming days, but they are sure
to include plenty of wine, food....and hopefully sun.

The Coach House I

garden view

Earl Greyed

toy table

table tennis table

Remember, the full selection of all Burgundy photos are here.