Wednesday, 18 June 2008


....Day 5-6: Fulvy & Auxerre, Burgundy

British, us? Wine tasting, (again), a barbeque and a Skype chat
with Nana rounds off Tuesday. Whilst a trip to Auxerre on Wednesday
allows us to bask in the sun with a picnic and a river boat cruise,
(entirely unclassy, believe me!).
Tomorrow we head off to Orleans to visit close friends Guy & Anna,
who are likely to feed us beyond comprehension. I can't wait.

Remember, a full selection of photos are here:

Un cave en Chablis

Wine 'tasters'(!)

BBQ underway

Nana - champion Skype user in the over 80s category!


Centre Ville avec un cafe

River boat cruise, British style!

1 comment:

Richie said...

I can't believe our life jacket belt is untied! Are you the rebel element of Team Barker or what?!