Wednesday, 30 July 2008

New Yoiking....

....I was flicking through some old photos and stumbled
across these from a trip to New York last year. It reminds
me how much I love the city and how desperate I am to go

Track tandem....

....What a find - a Cinelli tandem frame with track drops.
Lifted from KeirinBerlin. Thanks.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Kanye's East....

....They're comedy, crappy and ubiquitous, yet I can't help but
love the look!

No Parking....

Round Up....

....A lack of updating but no lack of activity.
Some pics to peruse:

Joanna Newsom at Somerset House.

Bike Porn.

Robin's Birthday curry.

Old bangers.

Park pleasures.

Summer Party....

....AMV put on a summer party for their empoloyees. Carnival
theme, steel drums, traditional dancers were all great. The sterile,
generic South London bar wasn't. Still, free food and drink meant I
easily overcame that hurdle and had a great night amongst friends
and my African take on the theme seemed to go down well!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Brick Lane and it's surroundings (1)....

....Some snaps from the weekend

London to Brighton....

....A few guys from our football team, Tornados, decided
to cycle to Brighton yesterday.

The pelaton

We lucked out on the weather and thoroughly enjoyed the
ride - the first half was mainly busy roads, but the second
stint was along beautiful country lanes.

Halfway house

At this point, john's bike gave up the ghost. A taxi came to
his rescue and whisked him off to the nearest train station
to catch the next train to Brighton.

John is out of the race

The final leg of the cycle saw us tackle 'Devil's Dyke'.
I managed to get to the top without having to walk -
more than can be said for John, Liam, Quoc & Johnny!

Devil's Dyke summit

We cycled the final leg in to Brighton, with ice cream, beer
and food as a reward - in that order!

Brighton finale

The pelaton in full flow:

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Daily fix....

....Three camp looking guys on fixed gear bikes
in front of one enormous mirror? Photo opportunity.


....Old Street isn't, but this graffiti by Eine
on the shutters of Mother Bar/333 definitely is.

Thanks to Dave Gorman for this one.

Olympic Posters....

....I posted a comment regarding the Olympic Posters
Exhibition a while back, when I first heard it was due
to open at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.
Well, the show has started and you should go!

Mexico '68

Self promotion....

....Alicia's bike carries her design company's name
on the top tube. For those curious types at traffic

Flat out....

....a dead crow, lying unusually flat on its back near to
Exmouth Market.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Swiss bits....

....okay, so they're only allen keys, but
they're pretty ones at that. Anodised
rainbow allen keys by PB Swiss Tools.

My Dad's....

....driven a Citroen for as long as I can remember.
But they've never looked this good.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

More Bike Love....

....I was sent the 1st issue of new bike magazine The Ride
today. Try and grab a copy if you can - I think they have only
run 1000 copies and it looks fantastic.

Bike love....

....saw these and felt they deserved a post.

Love this shot of the keirin racers in Japan:

And these brake pads are genius:

New Designers....

....Part 1: 3-6th July 2008.
Alicia & Louise, (knock knock design), and a few other
Camberwell graduates have a stand at New Designers at the
Business Design Centre, Islington. Last night at the Private
View,they won the award for Best Stand, so had a jolly in the
VIP area as we found a nearby pub!

Blackboard paint, chalk, humour

and great work!