Tuesday, 5 August 2008

....TBC have a Dark Knight

....On Sunday evening TBC gathered for a much needed night
of food, drink and cinema. We began with pizza, then cocktails
at Frevd, finishing with Batman: The Dark Knight at the cinema.

It was a great evening, but I was a little diappointed with the
film. Too long, terrible audio in the cinema, (boycott Odeon
Tottenham Court Road!), Christian Bale's voice when Batman
bordering on ridiculous, (& inaudible). On the plus side, there
was plenty of action, plenty of sweets to eat and....oh, Heath
Ledger. He was good. Very good, but simply playing a villain in a
Comic Book movie. For me, it was just a Batman film. It was good,
but certainly not worth the ridiculous title of 'Best film ever made'
which voters on the IMDB website gave it.

Here are some pics of TBC, (Roy, Lorenzo, Ed & Liam):

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