Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Weekend....

On Saturday I had further surgery on my mouth.
What can only be described as screw caps were fitted
to the existing the titanium poles that are implanted
in to my gum and jaw. It gives me the rather classy
look of Jaws from the Bond film! Unfortunately this
will only last a six weeks before i finally get my
permanent teeth.

Here are 2 close-up shots and a reminder of the full
teeth-gate via a wonderful slideshow!

Alicia and I decided to pop to my work at midnight on
Saturday night. We were taking advantage of the printing
facilities and of course the 24hr building. What should
have been a half hour job saw us leaving at 4am! Still,
the roads were quiet for our cycle home.

On Sunday Lorenzo and Madeleine came round for breakfast,
where 'Zo modelled the latest in contemporary oats sold
at Tesco. Foska oats from Jamica seem to use a hand painted
Mighty White kid to advertise their breakfast.......Hmmm.
We didn't eat it!

We then walked round the corner to see the Published & The Damned fair at Rochelle School. Lorenzo was in his element,
buying limited edition self published fanzines and the like.
I merely took photos and pretended to look cultural!

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