Wednesday, 29 October 2008


....London Fixed Gear and Single Speed forum is a place
where bike chat is chatted. ALot. Through a comment regarding
the Guinness ad that I stumbled in to, where I appeared on my
bike, I've managed to reach the pages of LFGSS. Strange.
Click here to see the thread.....although you may have to be
a member.

Reminder of the pic:

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

October snow....

....has fallen. Tonight. Brrrrrrr.

New ride....

....Okay, so I've become greedy and subsequently poor.
I have bought another bike - only slightly different this
time as I took advantage of the Cycle Scheme in order
to do so. My 3rd bike is my second fixed gear and currently
running, er, brakeless. Sorry mum!
Excuse the poor photos, I just couldn't wait to upload


....Met up with Robin for a coffee in Spitalfields.
Amongst other things, he mentioned his intention
to set up a photography company with a fellow
graduate. Likely to be called 'F27', (a reference to
an 'F-stop' on a camera and the fact they share their
birthday on July 27th - neat!), watch this space for
the imminent launch.


....and Cli celebrated their birthdays last week with
a tipple upstairs in the Griffin. Joss even managed
to look like he hadn't shaved since his last birthday!


....Alicia & Louise, aka Knock Knock Design,
showcased their work with a stand at the Candid
Art Fair in Islington. As ever, their work looked
great, including their latest 'spy roller blind'.
Unfortunately Candid did very little to promote
the event and as a result it didn't really fulfill it's
potential as a London Arts Fair.

Cappuccino crunch....

....At work the employees are being sweetened with
'Credit Crunch Thursday' - on the last Thursday of
every month, there is a free night in the AMV bar.
I love the irony in the logo that was dreamed up.

Pint and a half sized....

....From a 5kg bar of Cadbury's dairy milk came this vast square.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Another newbie....

....Clementine Elizabeth Ardagh was born on Wednesday
morning, weighing in at 7lb 13oz.
Congratulations to Richie & Anne from Uncle Roy, (i'm
not going to let that one go....sorry Stevie!).

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


....Quoc is in Taipei, Tawain full time now.
He's launching his new shoe collection here
and I've added his new blog in the 'others'
column on the right. Now I just need to catch
him on Skype!

Monday, 20 October 2008


....Sun 19th Oct, The Roundhouse.

Lic and I went to see the French singer and it was truly
incredible. She reminded me of three other brilliant
female solo artists that I've been lucky enough to see
live: Bjork, Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom. Camille
bettered them all. A showman, an odd ball, a voice belying
her stature. It was pure (musical) theatre, with the rest of
her band made up of purely vocal talent - human beat box
etc. Three encores and an appearance from, ahem, Jamie
Cullum, (who was great!!), topped of an amazing night.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Buzz Lightyear....

....To the biscuit rescue.

Super Sunday....

....On a summer day deep in October, a brilliant Sunday was had.
Ben, Chris and I went to Hyde Park to watch the Brakes Half Marathon where Ed, his dad Jim, TJ and Chris were all running for charity.

Ed, Jim, Harry, Billy at the finish.

Patriotic support

Ben and I then cycled on to Camden - my first visit to the market
in years. Much changed, but still packed and as diverse as ever.

Stables Market

Back to Brick Lane with Liam.

Indeed it's not

Alicia, Nick and I were then invited to roast dinner at
Richie & Anne's.Anne's due date is now under a week!


Berry crumble

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Glory shot....

Royal Mail Bike....

TBC Bhuna & Bikes....


We are all having a blast on our bikes, practicing new things
and egging each other on. So far, Ed is leading the pack -
check this montage, (minus a backwards trackstand that my
camera missed!)

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Art & bikes.....

....This evening I went to the Cosa Gallery on Bethnal
Green Road to see the Saatchi Online show in which
Joss is exhibiting. It is part of the Concrete & Glass
Festival and showcases upcoming artists.



I then went with Ed to the Barbican cinema for the first night
of the Bicycle Film Festival. A series of shorts were well received
over a (massive) pack of Maltesers. A trick session in a local
disused shopping arcade follwed.





More good things come to those....

....who wait.
After 16 months, I finally had my front two teeth fixed permanently in to my mouth. See the whole saga below.

Good things come to those....

....who wait.
I managed to sneak my way in to a Guinness press
ad through one of the creative teams at work.