Monday, 24 November 2008


....How kids play video games. Some funny / worrying expressions
going on here!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

A perfect Saturday....

....for me is as follows, (as per slideshow below).

Richard Serra show at the Gagosian. Here, vast steel structures in
which you can walk around, dwarf and overpower you, but also draw gasps as to how on earth they were installed in to the gallery in the first place!
Coffee and a cheese board at Medcalf's on Exmouth Market, whilst Alicia and Louise planned Knock Knock Design's next creative assault.
Alan Aldridge : 'The man with kaleidoscope eyes' at the Design Museum. This retrospective covers everything from his Penguin book covers and Beatles lyric illustrations to The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast.
Absolutely brilliant, a star of the swinging '60s and, sickeningly, a huge portion of his success was achieved by 26.
Coffee with Ivvett on a freezing cold but beautifully sunset Southbank.
Dinner & drinks with Nick, Doug and Alice - bringing together four
college friends who realised that it's almost 10 years since they all
first met. Ooh er.

Cold War Modern....

....Design 1945-1970. This exhibition is
on at the V&A, so Alicia, Rich and I
went to take a look.

We were all a little disappointed, I think.
Despite some iconic design and architecture
on show, the show was a little long, disjointed,
and, well...cold!

Alicia loved this spy book though:

And she even bought this replica spy watch, possibly reminding her
of her own.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mister Tee....

....After a spell wearing nothing but shirts, I seem to have a
new found love for t-shirts again. Below are some old and
new favourites of mine.

Tim Hill 'Four houses of the apocalypse' tee.

Rolling Stones tee

Pure Evil tee

Mash SF tee

Keith Haring (for Uniqlo) tee

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures tee, (designed by Peter Saville)

Herald & Tribune tee, (as seen on Jean Seberg in Jean-Luc Godard's, 'A bout de souffle'.

French tee

Jacob Knill illustrated tee for FIxed Gear London

Comic 'freak show' tee, (Comic Skateboards is a now dissolved independent skateboard company founded by Richard Ardagh & Ollie Kristian.)

Comic 'Charlie Brown' tee

Friday, 21 November 2008

Banner Concerts....

....Recent tutorial sessions in to the big,bad world
of Digital Advertising have been fairly interesting.
If only to highlight that I may need to make the jump
from an 'integrated' agency to a pure Digital agency
sooner than I thought! 'Banner Concerts' were shown
to us as a successful campaign online. It's a great idea
I have to admit.

(Imagine a banner ad that pops up on a particular web page you are
viewing. Now imagine a band playing live, within that actual space
....Like Tim Van Hamel, below.)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Music to my ears....

....Despite being in my 28th year, I'm not
particularly educated in musicals. Not the
'childhood' musicals that apparently everyone
should have watched, anyway. So as part of
an unlimited rental plan from our DVD shop,
Alicia has mandated at least one musical movie
a month. Musical Monday was born. Last night
we watched the Sound Of Music - and it was
absolutely it right to grin
whilst watching a film?!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Look out for cyclists.....

....Hot on the heels of a now cult advert in which
nearly all viewers missed the moonwalking bear, comes
a new campaign from the DFT for Transport For London. has a number of fun video related
tests that all have a serious message behind them.

Moonwalking bear


Bacon sandwich....

....After work and before dinner, Alicia and I
squeezed in a visit to the Tate Britain to see
the Francis Bacon exhibition.
Whilst the imagery was phenomenally powerful, with
each paiting drawing a parallel to the anguish
in his personal life, it somehow left both
Alicia and I a bit cold. I really do think,
however, that the Head series are works
of genius. Based upon Velázquez's great portrait
of Pope Innocent X, Head VI ,(below), shows the subject
letting out a desperate and frightening scream.

Head VI

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


....Is an amazing site featuring, according to them,
art/design/film/music/photos/junk/projects. Phew!
Check it out here, or click the link in my 'others'.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Vikki & Dave....

....An old school friend married his long term girlfriend
on Saturday. It was a fantastic day at the Curradine Barns,
Worcester. Congratulations.

Meters of pizza....

....Alicia and I stumbled upon Pizzametro in Islington
as hunger set in on Friday evening. It tasted as good
as it looks.

Winter scarf....

....It's not mine, though I wish it was. This beauty belongs
to Jamie whom I work with. Wrap up folks.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The wobbles....

....Implants or no implants, it seems teeth can come
loose at any time. A slight loosening became a wobble
became a complete removal. Nice look!

The Reel:


....Alicia and I went to see Quantum of Solace earlier this week.
I had heard discouraging remarks, but over all, whilst I don't
think it is as good as Daniel Craig's previous attempt, it is still
a very good film. 3 things I didn't approve of though, were the
naff title sequence & song, the ginger wig-like Bond girl who
was totally wooden and the awful typographic art direction with
which each new country location is introduced. (Picture 'London'
written in white, in situ on the road as though it were a road marking).

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Soaking Saturday....

....At the galleries.
Despite the rain, Alicia and I had a great day visiting
Handmade & Bound and Cildo Meireles.
We then met up with Alicia's family and managed to
completely miss the Lord Mayors fireworks on the
South Bank. Not even that blip could dampen spirits.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Young Buck....

....I stumbled across this magazine in the
airport. I then stumbled across Joss adorning
a double page. It turns out that Jasmine is
the senior designer on this new rag aswell!

New York....

....I'm back home after four days in NYC.
As usual, I took far too many photos, so
have decided to split them in to slideshows.

I had a great time, (other than flying American
Airlines!), and I got to hook up with Andreas &
Lina, Matt & Tess and Fin & Ben. There was also
a hint of London out there too, with Ed, Lorenzo,
Elliot and Jo all in attendance.

Special congratulations to Ed, who ran the
NY marathon in a fantastic 4hrs 2mins, raising
lots of money for charity in the meantime.
Despite waiting avidly on the corner of Bedford
& Metropolitan, I never saw the moustaschioed
wonder run by!










Yes we can....