Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mister Tee....

....After a spell wearing nothing but shirts, I seem to have a
new found love for t-shirts again. Below are some old and
new favourites of mine.

Tim Hill 'Four houses of the apocalypse' tee.

Rolling Stones tee

Pure Evil tee

Mash SF tee

Keith Haring (for Uniqlo) tee

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures tee, (designed by Peter Saville)

Herald & Tribune tee, (as seen on Jean Seberg in Jean-Luc Godard's, 'A bout de souffle'.

French tee

Jacob Knill illustrated tee for FIxed Gear London

Comic 'freak show' tee, (Comic Skateboards is a now dissolved independent skateboard company founded by Richard Ardagh & Ollie Kristian.)

Comic 'Charlie Brown' tee

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