Saturday, 6 December 2008


....Nana got an early xmas pressie from mum & dad - a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to watch the Masters tennis. I lucked out and was included in the deal, so spent a great day with nana, tennis and food.

The tennis itself was fantastic and I was privileged to finally see Pete Sampras play live. I played a lot of tennis growing up and whilst Agassi was my hero, it was 'Pistol Pete' I regarded as a true genius. Despite his loss, he still showed signs of the grace, agility and power that won him so many titles in his illustrious career.

The surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall was a wonderful backdrop to the afternoon, that culminated in a doubles match involving Henri Leconte and Jeremy Bates amongst others. It turned in to something of an exhibition, with Leconte in a particularly clown-like mood, leaving a smile on everyone's face as they left.

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