Sunday, 15 February 2009

St Valentine....

....I'm not a believer, Alicia is. Cue a power struggle on Valentines Day! We reached a compromise and began the day with breakfast at Hackney City Farm.

Just before the Big Farm Breakfast rendered us silent

Our day lost it's course a little as the sofa swallowed us up following the short walk home, but it allowed us to plan the next most important part of the day - dinner!

At the 10th attempt it was funny

After the food shop we indulged in a quick game of Scrabble - my usual dominance quashed with an overwhelming defeat. I was reduced to playing, 'YEP', as a word. Is it?!

Cooking began and we decided to go with a recipe stolen from my mum, who in turn stole it from Nigella - ham cooked in Coke. I actually used a slightly alternative recipe, found by scouring the web. 



Coke ham, roast potatoes & butternut squash, minty mushy peas. DONE.

Oh, and a home made apple & rhubarb crumble with ice cream for desert.

And so, to bed.

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