Saturday, 7 February 2009


....For Ivvet's birthday yesterday, she planned a low key dinner at Wahaca before the debauchery tonight at Boogaloo. After hearing a lot about this restaurant through others I was glad to get a taste of it myself. I was warned that as there is a no booking policy, we could expect a wait to be seated - I hadn't, however, bargained on that taking over an hour.

Fortunately there is a small bar in the entrance where you can have an aperitif, but even that was overcrowded, and to the all male bar staff I was rendered invisible. The only thing keeping my, (and Alicia's) spirits up, was the impressive design - not necessarily the interior design, (which was typically canteen-like, modern and inoffensive), but more the paraphernalia. By that I mean the menus which took the form of fold out pamphlet's on recycled paper.

'Ola London!

Well thought type has been used and illustrated articles sit alongside interviews and of course the menu itself. (A bit of research tells me that BuroCreative are responsible.) Wahaca's business cards take the form of a book of matches, only to reveal they are removable sticks of card from which you can grow your own chilli plants. Alicia, (our Mexican in residence owing to her dad's birth place), also complemented the authentic furniture that resided around the entrance and stairwell.

And so to dinner. I chose a slow cooked pork burrito with frijoles & chorizo on the side. Served by very friendly and prompt staff, the dinner was fantastic - not the chilli and cheese drenched food I had very wrongly associated with Mexico! A couple of the dishes we received came out cold, but they were soon replaced and taken from the bill. 

Kat, Ivvet, Alex

Nisha, 'Lic, Roy

For desert we all tucked in to churros y chocolate and left with a (guilty) smile on our faces.

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