Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ed banking on Euro....

....Ed had his first shift in the hot seat for EuroSport's online service. In a similar vein to the great rugby banter provided on his blog, Ed over saw two Guinness Premiership rugby matches, writing up the instant online updates and a final analysis. Great work.

The doors, they are a peeling....


Richie @ Wilton's....


Main hall downstairs

Main hall upstairs

....Wilton's Music Hall is one the finest and few remaining Victorian music venues. Today it celebrated it's 150th year with an open day at the hall in Whitechapel. Richie, in anticipation of this event, created a new letterpress poster that is on display in the bar area, alongside some of his previous work. A few of us turned out to support him and of course Wilton's.

Jen, Stevie, Richie

Coffee & cakes

Beneath greatness

Not failing to please

Dinner with Hannah....

....With Max away and a new table to christen, Hannah decided to throw a small dinner party last night. Rich & Lynn sorted the starter, then Han treated us to roast belly of pork and Lic & I brought apple and rhubarb crumble to the fore. Max joined us briefly via the wonder of Skype before the music was turned up and the wine polished off.

TBC on land, on paper....

....Some members of TBC decided to have a social and leave the bikes at home. Despite Lorenzo's absence, he made up for it by illustrating this brilliant poster.

(click to enlarge)

Friday, 20 March 2009


....Last night I finally managed a random act of spontanaeity and accepted a late offer to join Rich at the NFT for Bug: The evolution of the music video. Hosted by Adam Buxton, (he of Adam & Joe fame, in a non Ant and Dec way), it was a trawl through recent music video releases by upcoming and established directors.

Jammed in the middle, Buxton managed an interview with Gareth Jennings from Hammer & Tongs, (who made this and many more), and also picked out some of his random YouTube favourites in recent weeks. It was a funny, if not slightly ramshackle evening, but certainly unlike anything I have ever been to. There were many clips of note, but this one - a mix of several other clips - really stood out.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

RoZo are underway....

....Lorenzo and I had mentioned it previously, but only in jest. However, a couple of weeks ago we decided that we'd like to team up and take on the advertising world. Him the art director, myself the copywriter we would form a creative team, building a portfolio of work that would eventually let us leave our current careers behind. Our first brief has come through AMV and is for a competition called Young Lions. It is for Christian Aid, to raise awareness that poverty is the root cause of HIV and Aids. A tricky debut brief then, but we've mixed morning meetings with weekends, (and even some work hours!), to create an ad we are hugely pleased with. It has been approved by AMV and will be entered for the competition. It will be the first ad in our portfolio. Here's to many more.

The making of....

Our proposed ad (click to enlarge).

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Princess and the Prince....

....Richie, Anne and Clementine hosted several friends with lunch at their local (gastro)pub, The Prince, on Saturday. Clem managed to grace several laps in succession before Sophie the giraffe stole the limelight. 

Anne, Richie and Clem

Lap I: Alicia

Lap II: Lynn

lap III: Nick

Dinner for ten

Please Q here....

....A sign at the entrance to a craft fete in Newcastle.

Father Tom....

....When I was back in Newcastle last week, I paid a visit to Tom & Sarah and their little Evie. As ever, Tom was casually and easily taking fatherhood in his stride!

Riding high....

...Quoc returned to London last month for both social and work reasons. His shoe design expertise has a taken a skid in to fixed gear bike culture, with the production of some cycling specific shoes. They will be launched officially soon, (there are 5 London stockists already), but in the meantime, here is a sneak preview:

Sunday, 8 March 2009


....Part II of Mum's 60th birthday celebration was last night's Ceilidh, where 100 friends and family got, erm, jiggy with it! Participation was plentiful, effort faultless, but technique more often than not, sadly lacking. Everyone had a great time and Mum's idea to ask for donations to NASS, rather than presents, meant that £500 was raised for a worthy cause.

Full slideshow

Dad took a couple of videos - mostly of Ruth & I looking confused, but I'm pretty sure there's some dancing in there somewhere aswell!


Untitled from Roy Barker on Vimeo.


Untitled from Roy Barker on Vimeo.

(To look at all of Mum's 60th birthday photos, including both dinner in Leeds last weekend and this Ceilidh, then click here.)

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Mandy & the green custard.....

....You may have seen on the news this week that as Peter Mandelson stepped out of his car, he was 'attacked' by a protester. I saw it, and didn't think too much of it......until I read today's Guardian. The woman who had thrown green coloured custard over the Business Secretary was Leila Deen - an old flatmate of mine for a year when I first moved to London. She was complaining about Mandy's lack of 'green' sensibilities regarding the new runway at Heathrow. Leila, protesting on behalf of Plane Stupid, has now been arrested and released on bail - but at least she's all over Google when you type in her name!

Paper Cinema....

...On Friday night Alicia and I went to Toynbee Studios around the corner to see Paper Cinema.

I had booked the tickets a few weeks ago, without really knowing what to expect - Alicia's fascination and skill with paper meant that the name of the event was enough to lure me in! It is part of this year's East Festival and revealed a wonderful new venue to 'Lic and I that we didn't even know existed. In fact, the performance was a revelation - reminding me why I love East London for constantly surprising me and why I love being witness to something unique and creatively brilliant. We took our seats in an old theatre-esque room, with sloping wooden floor and battered red cinema seats. In front of us was a large screen, above a stage, on to which the film was to be projected.

As Paper Cinema began, the home made title sequence looked a little rough round the edges, some of the hand cut names from card not quite filling the full screen. It was only then that we realised it was all being played live before us - two performers crouched at the front, under a table lamp, held their hand crafted card in front of one stationary camera, that was simultaneously projected on to the screen.

Accompanying them, Roger Eno played piano and accordian live, to provide the soundtrack that was part Amelie, part The Snowman.
The half hour performance saw us delve in to the dreams of various (cardboard) people living on the same (cardboard) street - these lucid, vivid dreams saw cycling birds & elephants driving cars -it was wonderfully funny, engaging and beautiful in it's childlike lack of showiness.

A true one-off, I urge you to go and see the show if it is not already sold out. But if you can only get along to Toynbee Studios for a visit, the bar and cafe are worth it alone for a bit of respite from the bustle of nearby Brick Lane.

"King Pest" : This is not the same performance that we experienced, but gives you a great idea of how fantastic Paper Cinema is.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Salts Mill....

....Whilst in Leeds at the weekend, we took the opportunity to visit Salts Mill. It is a vast gallery, book shop, restaurant and more, housing numerous Hockney originals in a cavernous and beautiful setting. Alicia and I had to be dragged kicking and screaming from the book shop that was the biggest and best I had ever been too. The art, architecture and design titles seemed to never end......I took a souvenir home by buying one myself. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.


....My type obsession shows no sign of abating. Here, two more lovely examples that have lured me in. A-Z on newsprint, by Phil Yamada (click to expand)

And this toothpaste type, spotted here: (downloadable too!)

Monday, 2 March 2009

Mum is 60....

....The family met in Leeds this weekend to celebrate Mum turning 60.

Alicia & I, Ruth & Andy and Mum & Dad ate dinner together in a private dining room at Piazza in The Corn Exchange.

The setting was grand and the evening a thoroughly enjoyable one. There was even the opportunity to present mum with a gluten free birthday cake - naturally it fell apart upon slicing, but it's taste did hold!

This was just the starter ahead of the main course this coming weekend, that is Mum's 60th Ceilidh dance. I can't guarantee any Gay Gordons, but I'm sure there'll be at least one Dashing White Sergeant