Friday, 20 March 2009


....Last night I finally managed a random act of spontanaeity and accepted a late offer to join Rich at the NFT for Bug: The evolution of the music video. Hosted by Adam Buxton, (he of Adam & Joe fame, in a non Ant and Dec way), it was a trawl through recent music video releases by upcoming and established directors.

Jammed in the middle, Buxton managed an interview with Gareth Jennings from Hammer & Tongs, (who made this and many more), and also picked out some of his random YouTube favourites in recent weeks. It was a funny, if not slightly ramshackle evening, but certainly unlike anything I have ever been to. There were many clips of note, but this one - a mix of several other clips - really stood out.

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Kate said...

i love adam buxton so much you have to listen to adam and joe on bbc6 on a saturday mornig, and if not, download the podcast from itunes, it's amazing. also, i've broken all my toes onmy right foot, it's horrid, i can't walk again, when you come next time you have to call!