Saturday, 25 April 2009

Raving about Raven Row....

....Alicia and I finally went along to the inaugral show at Raven Row Gallery, E1. An artist called Ray Johnson, whom neither of us had heard of, had a lifetime's work adorning the walls.

Initially attracted by the tag, 'Father of the mail art movement', (ie using the postal service to promote and create his art works), we also found him to be a pioneer of pop art. Raven Row is a vast space occupying two beautiful old townhouses alongside Spitalfield Market, set over three floors the exhibition proved bigger, (and perhaps better), than I have ever seen at a major museum. It was also more rewarding, learning about an artist and realising the influence he has had on many since, (in particular another favourite of mine, Keith Haring).

I strongly recommend this show, that is ending in a couple of weeks, even just for the free catelogue that the gallery have published themselves. (Because to buy any other book on the artist will set you back a tidy sum!)

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