Friday, 19 June 2009


....I suppose we experience less and less firsts as we get older. And those we do will probably be 'life changing' experiences, like other cultures and white knuckle adventures. My two firsts are neither of those - in fact they are both embarrassingly late in coming to me - they should have been done in my formative years. Yet here I am, blogging about eating corn on the cob and Salad Cream for the first time. (NOT together!).
I really have missed out with corn on the cob, (I had no option during my toothless hiatus), but I have had no excuses since. Yesterday was the day. Butter and salt were the garnish. Wonderful.

Heinz Salad Cream was a sauce I ridiculed and despised as a kid. The Brannen family regularly used it when I went to dinner and I thought it looked horrid, (and therefore never tried it!). I haven't thought to try it since, until we began working on a Salad Cream brief at work. 'It livens up dull food like potato and salads'. Well, I had 'tatties for lunch one day and decided to take the plunge. Less wonderful, but strangely appealing and deadly addictive.

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Lynnda Needles said...

try corn on the cob with a wedge of fresh lime squeezed all over so good!