Thursday, 18 June 2009

Looking For Eric....

....I was always going to see this - regardless of it's critical acclaim. As a lover of football I was unashamedly lured by the presence of one Eric Cantona and intermittent clips of him playing the beautiful game. I even managed to get Alicia to join me after he impressed her during a Jonathan Ross interview! I'm pleased to say that Ken Loach, (and Cantona as Executive Producer and appearing in the film as himself), have made a brilliant film. Loach's style of direction means characters are easily warmed to, (and disliked in certain cases), whilst Cantona does a simple job well.

And the archive football footage? Well it quite honestly made my hair stand on end - particularly 'that pass'. (I've scoured the internet for footage of said pass and just can not find it). But it couldn't bring a tear to my as the final scene did - Loach pulling on our heart strings that may lead some critics to (wrongfully) label it as 'the feel good film of the century'. It is much more than that. A cracking film - go and see it.

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