Thursday, 18 June 2009

Rochelle Canteen....

....This restaurant, (it's more than a canteen), has been just around the corner from my house for a couple of years I think. But I have never found the time to go - largely as it is only open during the week for lunch. So today, taking advantage of a rare day off whilst still in the city, Alicia and I decided to pay a visit.

Situated in an old bicycle shed within the grounds of a former school, Melanie Arnold and Margot Henderson provide lunch to anyone who 'may be passing through'. The menu changes daily, and if today was anything to go by, is superb. We both went straight to main course -Lamb Shoulder, Rocket & Bread Salad for myself and Bavette Steak, New Potato & Watercress for Alicia. They were both great - a good portion size, beautiful tender meat and incredible flavours. We shared dessert of cherry pie, (so pleased with himself was the chef, that he brought it out to show everyone, claiming the description on the menu didn't do it justice.) Indeed it didn't - it was excellent.

I'd recommend it to anyone with a spare mid-week afternoon on the East side of the city......but you better be quick, it seems they are under threat of closure. Go and show your support!

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