Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Wapping 28th birthday....

....I have to admit that for the majority of the day, I had the Birthday Blues. I was at work and it was a rubbish day. But gradually it got better - then much better as Alicia and I prepared to go out for the evening to the Wapping Project. It was somewhere we had wanted to go for a while for several reasons - the fantastic industrial setting, a good restaurant and an art gallery. Rather than post several individual pictures, I have decided upon a slideshow - there were just too many. But, in short, we had a great dinner, in an incredible space. The food was of great quality and flavour, although my pork was perhaps slightly overdone. A miniscule blip in an otherwise perfect banquet. We followed it with a visit to the Guy Bourdin show which was superb - overtly fashion and sexually led photography, emphasised by the moody spot lighting and turf carpet. We popped to the roof terrace before walking over the road to the Prospect of Whitby. Right on the river, this pub has fantastic views, so this is where we saw in the night.

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