Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cut, paste and pop...

....two exhibitions in as many days that threw up similar themes. Firstly Joss and I visited, amongst others, Fred Gallery on Vyner Street. Their expansive 'Collage' show presented works from established and new artists alike.

A view from inside Fred

I've always enjoyed the possibilities that collage can offer - a simplistic idea, that millions of kids do at nursery, yet still maintains a complexity and beauty belying its cut & paste technique. Masters such as Robert Motherwell, Gilbert & George and Andy Warhol are represented here in a an exhaustive show that still only manages to touch on the fringes of a huge genre.

Warhol's 'Lenin'

Still well worth seeing, despite the absence of Eduardo Paolozzi, who fortunately has his own show at Raven Row: The Jet Age Compendium.

The exhibition focusses mainly on Paolozzi's work for art & literature magazine Ambit, but I found most satisfaction in his scrap books, where collections of random ephemera give us a greater insight in to the artist's mind.

Overall, it is good, but less Pop Art, more Political Art.

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