Saturday, 12 September 2009

Museum of brands,packaging and advertising....

....A day off work afforded me to step back in time, in to my own industry. The MBPA is a wonderful little museum in a quiet and beautiful Mews in West London. It houses products from a bygone era that are the collection of consumer historian Robert Opie. It is a fantastically reminiscent journey, but also an entirely overwhelming one as there is just so much to take in. Well worth your time.

The products and ads on show rekindle not just memories of childhood, but also scenes from your life when that particular product was involved. Among the many, these ones stood out.

Childhood and still current best friend, Paul, was nicknamed Bran Buds after the cereal I used to eat most mornings. Since no longer produced, the nickname has similarly demised!

Heinz are as much a part of everyday life now as they always have been. Particularly as it is one of my Accounts at work, so is interesting to see some historical packaging, that, interestingly and perhaps importantly has hardly changed.

The 1966 World Cup Souvenir Programme in the bottom right of this image stood out. Only last week, for no particular reason, I rooted through an old chest of 'memories' at my mum & dad's house. Amongst the school reports and dodgy photos, was this exact programme. With a Uruguay v Brazil match report written up in the back. It was in pristine condition, but no one knew where it had come from. It excited me massively. More so now, as it's presence in a museum seems to give it more exclusivity.

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