Saturday, 3 October 2009

Andrew the Stag....

....Usually, 'what goes on tour, stay's on tour', but this Stag weekend was too good not to post.
Andrew, soon to be married to Alice, had his stag party in a fantastic cottage in Bamburgh. 13 friends crammed in for food, football, drink, poker, BBQs, the beach and, erm, wrestling.

The best man, Will, had organised a surprise for Andrew on the Saturday. As he sat blindfolded at the table, the rest of us retreated upstairs to don our World Wrestling outfits. We then individually walked back in to the lounge, to our characters 'entrance music'. This may seem strange, but when you know that the Stag has been obsessed with wrestling for the last 20 years, it makes perfect sense.

And to see Andrew dressed as his hero Hulk Hogan made it all worth while. It was a truly brilliant weekend. One that I, nor the locals in the pub, will ever forget!

Here is an amalgamation of the other videos take on the stag party - with some inspired dancing and sleeping.....

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