Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dinner with Hannah, Max & Nick....

....Liam and I cooked dinner for an elite crowd last night. Max, hot on the heels of his book release, Hannah, jeweller to the stars and Nick, socialite extraordinaire. Unfortunately we were one man down in the hosting stakes, with Dougie not able to make it, so in his absence he left a little message for the guests. (Spot the product placement at the start.)

Tucking in.

Starter: Baked figs & goat's cheese on radicchio.
(Apologies for the stock shot...I seem to have lost my photo, but it looked, erm, better than this!)

Cleanser: scallops with lime, parsley & red onion on sweet potato

Main: Partridge in bacon, (duck for Nick), with creamy mash & long stem broccoli

Dessert: Apple & plum crumble with custard / ice cream.

It was a great evening, with great food, (if we do say so ourselves!) and great company. And as ever, most the laughter emerged when we brought out the comedy, if not unnerving, face masks. Cheers.

Masks a plenty. Click to enlarge.

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Edward Crutchley said...

'All I can say is I'm better than one of them...'