Sunday, 11 October 2009

Mum & Dad and Ruth & Andy's London weekend....

....The family were in town this weekend and it was great. On Saturday morning, mum & dad finally got the opportunity to meet Clem Ardagh as she nears her 1st birthday. We met her, Richie & Anne at Trattoria Sapori on Newington Green for a lovely Italian breakfast.

Clem feigns interest in her new book from mum!

Mum looks on as Clem pushes the book aside

Dad intervenes with the mobile phone waggle

A day of (horrendous) Saturday shopping followed, for the sole purpose of buying Dad his 60th birthday present. We achieved our goal, as he walked away with a dapper pair of purple suede shoes. In the evening I had booked us a table at Bistrotheque, where we had an incredible dinner.

Ruth & Andy

Mum & Dad

Me & Dad

Mum & Ruth

There was also a choice piece of graffiti in the gents, that appears to have a pop at mum:

I can safely say, she hasn't.

Today, Sunday, the family met up with James & Theresa, Ian & Susie and Jess & David, over lunch at Annie's. It is a fantastic spot where we could indulge in a continuing theme of the weekend - eating.

Ruth, Jess & David

Mum & James

The full cast

And with that, the weekend was over and everyone went there separate ways, but a truely great weekend was had.

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