Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Miroslaw Balka : How it is....

....Tate Modern, until April 2010.
Pick a quiet day for this one, or else it just won't work. There is always alot of press surrounding each new installtion in the Turbine Hall. This is one of the most simple and intrieging so far. Balka has created a huge, steel, cavernous construction, totally devoid of light.

I was fascinated how, in total darkness and with other people inside, it would work. But that is the point. We are encouraged to react as we see fit - be it charge on in and risk bumping in to people, or slowly walk along the wall until you can no further. I chose a bit of both! Heading straight down the middle, slowly, hands in front. Like a zombie in the pitch black. It was an experience like no other - hugely enjoyable, but with an underlying sense of apprehension for the unexpected. Indeed, the end did come - I brushed against the back wall, velvet covered, all too soon. I wanted to walk on and on. Get lost even. But I turned back toward the light and watched as others passed me, like zombies in the night.

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