Monday, 21 December 2009

It's a wonderful life....

....Last night Kelly and I joined Ed and friends at the Lexi cinema, Queens Park, to watch Frank Capra's classic Christmas movie.

Before I talk about the film, (one that, despite it's status, neither Kelly or I had seen before), I wanted to mention the cinema itself. I had never heard of the Lexi, but in little over a year, it seems to have acquired quite a following.

It is a Social Enterprise, with 100% of the profits going to the Sustainability Institute. That in itself is a great thing, but the setting and atmosphere of the tiny cinema is a wonder too. Last night it was decked out with christmas trees, holly and more, whilst we could enjoy the perks of a bar throughout the performance. Not many films receive a round of applause nowadays, but I think it was testament as much to the quality of the surroundings as it was to the quality of the film.

So to the film. I loved it. Full stop. For a movie made in the 40s, it boasted, I think, a contemporary plot that was mastered by the superb direction of Capra. It is quite an emotional rollercoaster of a film, that sees James Stewart's character, George Bailey, looked after by a guardian angel, and ultimately being shown what life would be like if he were never born. As a result, a bright and cheery opening soon begins to turn more dark, which made me wonder where all the Christmas spirit had gone! Eventually, the film sees Bailey triumphant over his nemesis Potter and a very Hollywood, lump-in-the-throat finale ensues. Brilliant.

James Stewart, (above), delivers a fantastic performance throughout, but only with the help of an incredible supporting cast, (very much including the young George Bailey).

The film ends with Clarence's quote, that I think holds very true,
'Remember George: No man is a failure who has friends.'

EDIT: Click on the comments section below and read Carolyn's post. Then follow the link to her music - and in particular her ditty about George Bailey. She good!


Carolyn said...

Hi there - I stumbled upon your post and enjoyed it. I agree that the acting in that film is simply amazing, especially Mr. Stewart. I wrote a song called George Bailey, would love for you to take a listen on my website or watch the youtube video below. Thanks and happy holidays!

Carolyn Sills

How to project manage your life said...

Thanks Carolyn. I'm sitting here with my house mate, Doug, and we checked out your work. We love it --Keep on! Cheers. Roy