Monday, 1 February 2010


....Kelly and I joined an army of her friends in helping Emma & Jay celebrate their engagement.

Emma & Jay, the soon to be's

We all sat down to dinner at a fantastic pub, The Boot, before heading back to Emma & Jay's flat in Solihull.

Calves liver

Emma & I

The dancing was quick to get underway until the small hours, (and I even managed to get up a few hours later for the tennis).

Kelly & I

The following day, several bacon sarnies down, a couple of Nurofen popped and wrapped up warm, we headed out to Akamba.

It's an incredible, if not bizarre African garden centre, that in Summer has parties and BBQs a plenty. It was a little more subdued on our visit, but fascinating nonetheless.

A brilliant party, a brilliant weekend - thanks to Emma & Jay for hosting. Oh and nice to meet you all.

Here's the full set of pics:

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