Monday, 15 February 2010

Sunday 14th February....

....(or St. Valentines day if you like). Yes, Kelly & I spent the day together, but whilst doing plenty, tried to refrain from anything typically romantic. So that meant a visit to Highgate Cemetry - we only had the opportunity to take a tour of the West cemetry, not the East, but it was fascinating.

The architecturally elaborate memorials and mausoleums, many now in decay and swathed in overgrowth, are visually stunning.

The freezing, overcast conditions contributed to an eery atmosphere.

To warm our chilled bones, we sought comfort in a Sunday roast. Which we got in epic and tasty proportions courtesy of the Junction Tavern in Tufnell Park.

Roast beef followed by apple crumble.

We then travelled back across to East London - for a night of fun, laughter and music at Wilton's Music Hall all hosted by Tiny Wallops.

It was a brilliant show - Kelly and I both getting hauled on stage at different times, (me to imitate a performing seal!).

Kelly, accosted.

There was a mock blind date set-up for 2 singletons and general misbehaving from the four strong, and totally infectious cast. We laughed til our jaws hurt. A unique and totally brilliant show.

The full day's slide show

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