Sunday, 28 March 2010

500 Days of Summer....

....An indie flick. I think. In which the kid from Third Rock From The Sun and a girl, who threatened to steal my heart in a way only Amelie Poulain knew how, spa in 'not a love story'. Apparently.

But of course it is a love story - one with a very good soundtrack too. And one in which, (perhaps typically), I am on the side of the guy from Third Rock. He is called Joseph Gordon-Levitt in real life and Tom in this film. The reason I am taking a side so early on is that Tom falls in love with new employee Summer, (Zooey Deschanel), largely based on her recognition of a Smith's track.

Tom's happiness in full dance scene glory

From that moment, it was meant to be. But not to Summer, who despite offering all the signs of contentment and happiness, refused to be drawn in to commitment. And particularly not one where they were referred to as boyfriend and girlfriend. Which saddened me, because, like Tom, I thought their relationship was good. Great even. One that would last. Yes, I thought Tom had met the one too.

Weirdly the relationship seemed to remind me of a hybrid of those that I have experienced myself. Or at least that is what I kidded myself to think. It certainly is a relationship that idealises everyones fantastical first. Besotted, fun, funny, nervous, mistakes, first experiences, music. So on and so on. I liked it.

So I hated it when Summer decided, inexplicably that it was over. Naturally Tom was distraught. Probably still is. That's why I'm on his side. Not that of the nasty, but beautifully, kookily adorable Summer. Pah. But then of course, in a typically 'none love story' kind of way, it all works out in the end. For both of them. She finds Mr. Right, (all too quickly in my opinion) and he finds, (or so we are led to believe), Mrs Right. And how beautifully ironic that she is called Autumn.

It's a Sunday night kind of film. A listen to the soundtrack on Spotify kind of affair. It's has indie at it's heart but probably isn't at all. It uses deft little illustration techniques and a jumping time scale to add a bit more intrigue. Yeah, it's an enjoyable, funny, heart tugging affair. But god, if I was Tom, I'd still be pissed off.

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