Sunday, 7 March 2010

Friday: Avant Garde. Apres, steak!...

....Kelly and I cycled from work to the Tate Modern to see Van Doesburg and the International Avant Garde. For me, (architects son and an OCD for straight lines), it was a dream.

Concentrating on Van Doesburg, founder of De Stijl, it looked at his work, his contemporaries and influences in the art world at that time. It did so largely through painting, but also design, architecture and to my delight, typography.

The exhibition served as a reminder to me the lasting influence these avant garde artists have, even today - the Bauhaus' intensive approach to design and architecture is still widely coveted, the Dadaists proffered the question, 'But what is art', (much used now as an excuse to make bad art!), but they also were the original anti artists, that has led to graffiti and other street arts today.

Kurt Schwitters "Merzbild', collage, 1921


Poster Boy, NYC.

The show was, quite literally, exhaustive. Toward the end it felt a little repetitious, so Kelly and I were glad to get back on our bikes and cycle back East. We had a table booked at Buen Ayre - a fantastic Argentinian restaurant on Broadway Market. Kelly had never been before, so the look of surprise as a ginormous steak was placed down in front of her, reflected my delight. ( I knew she wouldn't be able to finish it, so I'd get some!)

A post dinner digestif was required, so we popped over the road to Off Broadway for a cocktail to see the night in. Lovely.

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