Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gorillaz Vs Eddy Grant....

....I recently posted a link to Gorillaz latest single from their new Plastic Beach album, 'Stylo'. It's because I like both the video and the song. In fact, it is that the two seem so suited that makes me like it more. The dirty bass line that runs throughout like the rasping exhaust of the cars we see.

But it seems that perhaps that bass line is not Gorillaz own to use. Yesterday's papers suggested that Eddy Grant was trying to sue the band for lifting that very bass section from his 1977 song, 'Time Warp'. See what you think. (But I think Grant has a pretty strong case).

It doesn't make me like the Gorillaz song any less, but it's perhaps further evidence, (on the back of comments I made in my 'Bug 18' post, below), that nothing is original any more - success relies upon creating something good & different out of an old idea.

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