Wednesday, 10 March 2010


....I had the pleasure of watching this last night. Another of last years Oscar triumphs that I have only just got around to watching.

I have been a Pixar fan ever since the Toy Story films blew me away and became leaders in animation genre. The last I saw from Pixar was WallE, which broke new ground not only in the standard of animation, but that is was largely a silent movie.

In a similar fashion, large parts of the opening third of 'Up' is carried out with little conversation. But the beauty is that the incredible visual language does it all for us. The story follows a 78 year old, widowed Carl Fredricksen who sets about his life long dream, (and promise to his late wife Ellie), to move their beloved house to Paradise Falls in South America.

In order to do so, Fredricksen ties hundreds of balloons to his house and floats of in search of his dream. But he is not alone. Russell, a cub scout in search of his elusive wilderness badge, is inadvertently stranded on house at lift off and subsequently is taken for the ride.

The film plays out in full fantastical and hilarious fashion, meeting the token bad guy and triumphing in the end. But not without some teary eyed moments. I laughed and yes, I cried, and I loved every minute. Another brilliant addition to the Pixar, (and now Disney), catalogue.

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