Sunday, 14 March 2010

Weekend with friends and food (II)....

....The following day, Sunday, and the sun was still shining. Kelly & I went to meet Anne, Richie and Clementine at Hackney Farm for brekkie.

seated & served

Clem made a great job of spreading her lunch over her face, clothes and the floor. And her latest trick? Lifting her top and prodding when asked where her belly is. Aww.

Clem + pasta + face

Kelly became Clem's new best friend, even accepting a hand holding walk around the farm to see the animals.

Kelly & Clem, with Anne & Richie in the wings

We left Richie, Anne & Clem to explore the nearby swings, whilst we went over to Broadway Market to meet Veronica and Robert before their return to Berlin later that day.

coffee & cake all round

We treated ourselves at L'eau a la bouche, the now expanded and still brilliant deli & cafe.

Sandra, Natalie, Veronica, Robert, Laura, Kelly

Another fantastic day, for which the rest of it was spent reading papers and making a vat of shepherds pie for the week. (no photos this time!) A fantastic weekend.

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