Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank Holiday Monday....

....After all the gluttony of the previous days, Kelly and I decided upon some (relative) exercise. We took a run around local Weavers Fields and followed up with a cycle to Greenwich. But, of course, what did we do when we got there?!

Yep, I needed my fix of coffee and brownie again. This time though, the brownies were of exception - we chose an Earl Grey brownie, (over a fistful of other flavours).

Pit stop

We took a walk past the slow rebuild of the Cutty Sark, opposite which some Morris Dancers had just begun to dance.

Then we hopped the railing and on to the pebbled shore of the Thames, facing Canary Wharf.

It was extraordinarily peaceful down there and a great spot for photography. (Including one of us).

Then, the only relatively Easter-ish thing we've done this holiday, was to partake in hot cross buns, (are they even an Easter thing?), after an invite to Rich, Anne & Clem's.

Hot cross buns, (plus squash cake and jaffas!)

Then, the Clementine show:

And with that, just those small events, the Easter break was over. Is over. A brilliant time had and no doubt the impending onset of gout will be here by next weekend.

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