Monday, 12 April 2010

Cycle to Tokyo for death, then China for dinner....

....Not literally. Quoc, Liam and I met the (fixed gear) masses at 14Bike Co. for the launch of the latest Fixed Magazine, then a group cycle to Tokyo Fixed Gear in Soho for the unofficial, outdoor premiere of Death Pedal 2.

The set up

Liam seated and ready.

Once watched and with Quoc departed, Liam and I went for dinner at Four Seasons in Chinatown, on the promise of the finest roast duck in town.

Liam tucking in.

Soft shell crab & prawn dumplings to start

Pak choi & rice accompaniment

Roast duck.

Liam's promise was not false. It was indeed the finest, sweetest, fattest most fantastic duck I have ever eaten. The whole dinner in fact an absolute pleasure. But it's richness left Liam and I glad of the fresh air on our cycle home - if only to stave off the imminent onset of gout!

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