Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Saturday....

....The long holiday weekend was already falling in to a familiar pattern - food, drink and friends. Saturday morning was no exception, Kelly, Liam, Nick and I meeting up with Joss, Cli and Bond at Pavilion cafe. It was great as ever.

Liam, Nick, Bond, Joss, Cli, Kelly

Eggs Florentine

Vegetarian breakfast, (with home made baked beans).

Later in the day, Kelly and I went to Hurwundeki, which has expanded and relocated from its original clothing shop, to become a deli, coffee and antiques shop.

Kelly taking advantage off the vintage toys in the forecourt

vintage tatt and all for sale

Beautiful arched roof beneath Cambridge Heath train station.

It's a great hide out to relax, drink, eat and read - but maybe even to kit out your house too.

Lost in High Fidelity

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