Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Sunday....

....No Easter eggs. No church, (though we really did consider it!). Instead, a considerable lie in, a jumble sale, more coffee, a new pub and yet more food.

We first cycled over to Wills Moody jumble sale in Euston.

Kelly snagged a velvet jacket for a fiver.

Next, I'd been keen to check out a new coffee shop on Wiltons Way, called, um, Wilton's.

(the one on the right)

Inside. Outside. Smile.

I wasn't disappointed - the place was small, but perfectly formed, whilst they even played radio from the local 'London Fields station'.

The chocolate & Guinness cake was brilliant too. (Obviously).

Happy coffee campers.

Another place Kelly and I have wanted to go to for a while is Biddle Brothers. Formerly a builders merchants on Lower Clapton Road, now transformed in to a pub.

Fortunately the proprietor has rightly kept the original signage, which looks great, and the art deco style window grating, (which casts an incredible evening sun shadow).

Kelly then patiently re-introduced me to chess, (after a deliberately self enforced 20 year break), which she naturally won.

The Guinness soothed the pain. Naturally.

Then, (still not finished!), after a brief hiatus, (and much talking up by Kelly), we went for dinner at Turkish restaurant Anatolia on Mare Street. It was a veritable feast.

Lambs liver

Mackerel fillet

Veggie special

Satisfied as ever.

Then home.

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