Monday, 5 April 2010

Good Friday....

....Kelly and I had set our sites on fish this Friday, so we headed to Borough Market and decided upon sea bass from Applebee's.

(not our fish)

Weighed up.

Back at home, (with the real grisly work of cleaning and gutting done in the mongers), all that was left to do was to score and stuff the fish with dill, parsley, garlic, chilli and lemons.

With Nick invited to eat with us too, we bulked out the menu a bit. Starting with the starter(!)

Home roasted pine nuts, bread & oil, homous & carrot.

Stuffed & roasted fish, roast sweet potato, roast new potato.

The full set up, with additional prawns & scallops fried in butter, garlic & chilli and asparagus and broccoli.

Tucking in


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