Monday, 19 April 2010

Kelly & Roy oop North....

....Kelly & I went up to Newcastle this weekend. I learnt, whilst aboard the train together, that Kelly had never been to Newcastle before - indeed it would be the furthest North she had ever been. But what about Scotland, I cried?! Shocking. I put my judgements to one side and we concentrated on having a fantastic time, which wasn't difficult to do. After arriving late Friday and doing nothing more than eating and hitting the hay, the weekend began in earnest on Saturday morning.

Whitley Bay beach on a fine, sunny (windy) morning

We raided Whitley Bay's seemingly endless Charity shops in the afternoon, Kelly coming out on top in the buying stakes. We then went up to see local legend, (at least in my eyes), and long time family friend, Clive.

Clive (back to camera), Kelly and Mum.

Predictably he was in his garden. In a hat. With a glass of wine. We had a natter in the sun before moving on. Kelly and I headed down to the Quayside, surely Newcastle / Gateshead's most beautiful asset, where the evening sun cast an even more beautiful light upon the surroundings.

A view of the Baltic from the Millennium Bridge

After briefly popping in to the Baltic, we holed up with a glass of wine in the Sage, the sun streaming through the glass, domed facade, affording us the most pleasant and relaxed beverage I've had in some time. (Throw in to the mix a spontaneous and humorous chat with a couple of local Grannies and you have a perfect scene).

Sir Norman Foster's, Sage.

We then walked up to Pani's restaurant in the centre of town, to meet a host of friends for dinner.

It was great to see everyone and also introduce to Kelly to all my old friends too. We went for (several) digestifs in Alvino's just around the corner, before retiring home in the early hours.

Sunday brought a lie in, then a car journey with mum & dad, over to see Ruth & Andy in Leeds, (scroll down to the post below). After checking out their new house to be, we went for dinner together at the Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton.

(my dinner)

Courgette & feta fritters

Roast Pork

Brownie & ice cream

It was a good meal which set us all on our way - Kelly & I back to London. Mum to Newcastle. Dad to Nottingham. Ruth & Andy back down the road.

It was a fantastic weekend. Really, really good. So here's our Graham with a quick reminder:

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