Saturday, 24 April 2010

Pizza East....

....Kelly and I went for dinner with Robin and Hannah at the much talked about Pizza East at the top of Bethnal Green Road. I had initially been sceptical of paying a visit after glimpsing at some of the prices, where a pizza, (yes, a pizza), can set you back £13. Now as far as I'm concerned, that's alot of money, but on closer inspection the menu was more diverse and varied in price than I had given it credit for. And so we went.

The setting is fantastic. I have been in this space before, in its previous incarnation as the (now relocated) T Bar. But it has been treated with much more of a design eye, more considered - almost like a vast deli. The bar, for pre-dinner drinks, is integrated in to a giant butchers block at which you can sit whilst surrounded by hanging hams and wedges of cheeses.

The main restaurant area is huge and scattered with tables - some communal bench-like and some for smaller parties - like us. In fact, I think we got the pick of lot, under the huge windows facing the new East London line, where the newly opened, (and incredibly empty), tube trains passed by over the bridge behind.

Robin and the East London Line.

On to the food -surely the most important thing to talk about. You can see the full menu here, but Kelly and I chose the long stem broccoli & spicy sausage and mushroom & egg. To be honest, whilst the ingredients and topping combinations are impressive, I wasn't bowled over by the pizza itself.

For me there was too much crust - the base was thin but the topping didn't cover enough of it! I enjoyed it all the same and combined with the fantastic setting and the wonderful company, it was a great evening. However, if you want pizza in the area, then I'd also suggest going here and here. Having said that, unlike most pizza restaurants, the desserts were very good.

Lemon Pot

Cinnamon doughnuts

The lemon pot was sweet, creamy and moreish. Whilst Robin pigged out on the mini doughnuts with a chocolate sauce, that seemed to, erm, well vanish!

We went for a digestif at local Carpenters Arms before, ( a bit drunkenly), crashing out to bed.

Hannah & Robin in the Carpenters.

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