Monday, 3 May 2010

Albion Caff....

....Another trip to this local Conran establishment - this time a Bank Holiday breakfast. Doug, Ross, Nick and I filled our stomachs with hearty fare, although it must be said that today, Albion wasn't quite up to it's usual high standards.


Doug & Ross

Nick and I both went for poached eggs on toast with home made baked beans.

The eggs were spot on and the beans great, but the bread too thick and tough. Doug & Ross both went for the full Albion breakfast, where again there was a toast malfunction, (burnt as per several other dishes based on the charred smell in the air), but otherwise very good.

Today's slight hiccup, (there were other minor house keeping points that frustrated us today), was noted by Doug. I think he is going to be dropping fellow designer Conran a note, just to remind him that Albion need to pull their socks up a bit!

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