Friday, 7 May 2010

Andreas Laszlo Konrath....

....Andreas was over from New York and at the opening of his Private View, So alone I keep the wolves at bay, at Exit Gallery.

It was a great turnout of old faces, and a warm act for Kelly and I before seeing and staying with Andreas in New York in a couple of weeks.

The turnout

Andreas displayed his images in a now customary fashion - monochrome xerox prints of varying sizes, attached to the wall with bulldog clips. This gave the exhibition a feeling very much in the same vein as the style of photography - real life, raw, photographs.

It's like social documentary in which the composition, but more importantly the subjects convey a huge sense of drama, power and, yet, isolation. The almost collage display of the prints throughout the stairwell also appear to tell their own story - where people in the photographs recur, the viewer seems at once to want to fill the gaps with reasoning as to why.

Frank (Gallows)

Andreas' work continues to go from strength to strength, but is still largely rooted in his own familiarities. Snaps of skaters, friends and musicians, but he is able to stretch the visual beyond the banal.


With so many people to talk to, we left Andreas to it, moving on for a few drinks and dinner at another favourite, Tokyo Diner.

Drinkie poos


Go and see Andreas' show whilst you can, and keep an eye out for the Chorleywood wonder.

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