Friday, 7 May 2010

Eureka! Yashica....

....I bought a camera off eBay the other day. It is one that I have been umming and arhhing over for a while - largely due to the high price at which it changes hands.

This is because, despite it's looks - a typical early 90s 'compact' film camera, black, plastic and cumbersome - the Yashica T series is a world famous, highly respected point-and-shoot camera owing to its Carl Zeiss lens. So, to snag one of the originals, (the camera is now in it's 5th and I believe final generation), for just £30 left me somewhat smugly smiling.

It brought back an excitement I've not felt since my college days - I immediately put in a film, (the same brand I shot my degree show on), and got snapping. To be honest, I kept catching myself searching for the image on the back panel, where an LCD screen would normally be, but ultimately I liked the fact that I didn't know the result of what I'd shot. And it also made me more considerate over the subjects i chose - after all, I only had 36 shots on the film.

I've put some of the photos taken on the camera in this post and I am really happy. The lens is incredibly sharp and picks up colours beautifully. It is a snappy camera like no other in terms of image quality.

I really can't wait to load another film and get snapping - the result of which will no doubt be adorning the pages of my list my photo blog in the very near future.

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