Friday, 7 May 2010

Lahore Kebab House....

....Before going to the Doves gig, (see post below), Toby, Nick, Liam and I ate here. The restaurant is over two floors and huge, but always packed to the rafters.


Waiters buzz around between tables and the chefs, (of which there must be twenty or so), who you can see through the glass in to the kitchen, are like an act of precise uncoordination. They look all at sea, but quite clearly, aren't.

Toby and Liam

The food here is exceptional, so we decided to go with a range of starters before our main courses. Lamb chops were spicy and tender, onion bhajia in light, crispy batter and the paneer tikka a wonderful creamy cheesy compliment to the spicier starters.

Lamb chops

Our mains could be considered rather pedestrian if in a run off the mill curry house, (tikka masala, korma and karahi gosht), but they were fantastic.

The most tender meat, well spiced sauces and light rice made it a winning, (and incredibly filling), dinner all round.

Everyone should take a visit and take you're own drinks - because you can. Bonus.

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