Friday, 11 June 2010

Americana in London....

....Lorenzo missed my birthday, (he wasn't the only one!) and suggested a dinner for him, Madeleine, Kelly and I by way of apology. (Not that I required one).

Madeleine & 'Zo

Having not long returned from New York, I can't help but notice little American traits and styles springing up in my London path. We suddenly have a greater affiliation with brunch for example. And this dinner was a very New York affair, with burgers at Byron.

It is a chain, (not that I knew), with this the latest opening in Islington. The restaurant itself is very style conscious and very deliberate with it - all distressed walls, exposed brick work and chipped paint. In fact, maybe they hadn't finished it after all?!

The burgers we had were good - y'know from grass fed, free roaming cows and all that. But which aren't nowadays? Yes it was good. And decent value too.

After dinner we continued the USA feel with drinks in Slim Jim's Liqour Store. The name alone is clue enough for this deliberate reincarnation of an LA style dive bar. Sure, there was dirty walls, scuzzy rock music playing and dim lights - I liked all that. And I liked the drinks too, a good whiskey sours was my tipple. But when a self styled dive bar exists on Islington's Upper Street and whose clientele are men in suits from local estate agents, you feel the bar is failing at what it is trying so hard to achieve. Fortunately on this night the bar was sparsely populated enough for that not to be a problem. I would probably go back, but early in the week. And never, ever a weekend.

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