Sunday, 6 June 2010

Boundary rooftop restaurant....

....My birthday has just passed, so to mark the occassion, Kelly and I ate at the newly opened rooftop terrace, on top of Conran's Boundary Hotel. Recently opened, we took advantage of beautiful sunny weather and spent the early evening taking in the views and food.

The system to get on to the roof is slightly frustrating in that you are held in a queue downstairs, with no knowledge of quite how busy it might be up top. (They could indeed be holding you in a queue just to look good), as when we did get on to the roof, it wasn't too busy at all.

The eating area is separated from the seated 'lounge' area, being wedged between the kitchen the north facing edge of the roof. This is a good idea, as it adds a touch more privacy and the opportunity to be waited on exclusively.

The food was impressive. Not having eaten at the affiliated Boundary restaurant in the basement of the hotel, I cannot compare, but we really enjoyed it. We shared asparagus and chicken livers wrapped in bacon to start.

The menu describes the food being cooked on the grill, (from it's own terrace kitchen), and as a result it was well cooked, tasty fare, rather than wildly inventive or avant garde. For main, I went for sea bass and Kelly the lamb cutlets. We also shared a plate of chips and roast vegetables.

Incredibly, we opted out of dessert, (only because I had eaten a glut of birthday cake at work!), and decided to retire to the lounge are for our last drink on the terrace. We settled the bill then and whilst it was fairly expensive, it was worth the quality of the food and the unique dining experience - one that is rare in London.

seating area

The seated area is an altogether different experience. And that is not necessarily a good thing. There is the opportunity to come to the roof terrace just for a drink, (rather than eating too), and this attracts a slightly differing crowd. Most people kept themselves to themselves, but others were very drunk (it was only 8pm at this stage), and obnoxious beyond belief. We didn't let it dampen the night, but made a retreat shortly after.

I would return to Boundary rooftop, but only to the restaurant and maybe earlier on in the week when it might be afflicted by less wallies!

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