Wednesday, 23 June 2010

England 1-0 Slovenia....

....So, we're through. And football wise, it was a good bit better. Particularly the first half.

Gerrard was the man we've come to expect in big games, but also, unfortunately Lampard, as he does in big games, went missing. Capello's big decisions, however, paid off - Milner providing the teasing cross for Defoe's goal, whilst at the other end, Upson made a match saving challenge within his own area with minutes to go. Now we can go back to believing we can win the world cup again. But the reality is, we can't.

We have, (potentially), Germany, then Argentina, then Spain before we reach the final. To be fair, if we can beat them, then we deserve it! Today's afternoon kick off meant that I watched the game in the bar at work. As did everyone else.

A great atmosphere, willing the team on.....and it worked. Next!

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