Monday, 28 June 2010

England 1-4 Germany....

....And then it was over. For England, the 2010 World Cup has come to an end. Yesterday, we were well and truly and totally deservedly stuffed by our oldest foes. We remained short of ideas and technique, whilst also largely statuesque in defence, as Germany rampaged through us on the break.

Of course, there was the 'goal that never was', but it wouldn't have had any bearing on the final result. The best team won. I will not go in to player descriptions, as it is totally inconsequential now.

We, (and Capello, above), need to go back to the drawing board, whilst I wish Germany the best of luck in the remainder of the cup.

Unfortunately, the proud flag flying atop the Spanish City, at home in Whitley Bay, will have to be taken down. But didn't it look nice there, proudly flapping in the salty sea air? Hmmm.

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