Friday, 11 June 2010

Kabuki, Sadler's Wells....

....Richie took me for a birthday treat, (yes, it rumbles on!), on Monday. We went to see Kabuki at Sadler's Wells and neither of us were entirely sure what to expect, thinking perhaps it was almost a circus-like act. It was in fact far more subtle and gracious than that.

Dating from the early 17th century, Kabuki is a highly stylised Japanese artform that employs flamboyant costumes, elaborate make-up and exaggerated body movements to create a sense of the spectacular. So, whilst beautiful, it was actually a much slower pace than we had anticipated. The complimentary earpiece that provided a translated commentry was invaluable for getting to grips with traditional show.

Richie has written more insightful words on his blog but it was a welcome and insightful introduction to Kabuki, with the make up and costumes alone a sight to behold. A pleasure.

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