Friday, 4 June 2010

Leeds, united....

....Eighteen days since whence I last blogged. But, for I have been a busy bee, as the following posts will testify.

Three weekends ago I went to Leeds to visit Ruth and Andy - partly to help with the final bulk of their move from old flat to new house, but also to help Andy celebrate his birthday. Following a successful stacking of their remaining personal belongings in to a storage locker, (more akin to a game of tetris), we enjoyed a long and sunny afternoon spent in the garden with a BBQ and friends.

With inches to spare.

Sausages on.

Happy families.

Brother and sister.

The following day we ate breakfast al fresco, (highly rare in Leeds in spring time!), making use of the beautiful garden at the flat for the final time.

After eating we headed out to the Yorkshire antiques & art fair in Harrogate - a vast amount of stalls under cover at the show ground. I was only successful in getting a couple of vintage tie pins that I sought, and Ruth a vintage designer jacket. For once, Andy walked away empty handed!

On our return home we stopped at the White Hart Gastro Pub for a fantastic lunch outdoors, in the burning bright sunshine. The food was very good - following a sharing starter of Greek mezze, I plumped for the seabass, whilst both Ruth and Andy favoured scallops.


The remains of the day were spent relaxing before I boarded a train back to London, still to pack my suitcase that night for an abrupt early morning flight to New York City the following morning. I think I can just about make allowances for such inconveniences!

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