Friday, 9 July 2010

Arcade Fire, Hackney Empire....

....On Wednesday night, Kelly and I managed to get tickets to a secret gig at the Empire for the Arcade Fire.

I had never been to the venue before, but it is beautiful and despite our seats high in the upper circle we seemed to still be close to the stage and have a great view.

The gig, it seemed, was a chance for the band to try out tracks from the forthcoming album The Suburbs and with each number, they instantly sounded memorable and likable.

Arcade Fire, gig opener.

Intertwined between these new songs were classics from their two preceding albums, Neon Bible and Funeral.

Neighbourhood No.2 (Laika)

These sent Kel & I and the crowd totally berserk. I last saw them at Glastonbury where I thought they were incredible, but in hindsight something was lost in the open air that night. Tonight they are contained by the grand Empire, the electricity of their songs and the energy of Win Butler and his band, radiating through the audience.

They encored with three tracks and ended the set, as the did that night at Glastonbury, with the euphoric and sing-along inducing 'Wake up'.

A truly brilliant gig that I expect will be tough to match by anyone.

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